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Epoxy Blog

Shipping Charges

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 15:46 -- Tabitha Jordan

***We are currently working on the kinks in our shipping system with the FedEx rates, we are working on adding additional cheaper options.  If you are unsatisifed with the quote you are given Please call the office directly at 630.231.5600 and we will take your order through the phone.  We are sorry for an inconvience this may cause as we try and better our online store for our customers.

Thank you! ***

Epoxy Paint vs. Polygem Epoxy Coating

Tue, 01/03/2017 - 13:52 -- Tabitha Jordan

We've had inquiries on the different between Epoxy Paints... here are some words straight from the President of Polygem letting the consumer know the exact difference... 

"Epoxy paint in recent years has become very popular with do-it-yourselfers who use epoxy paint to coat their garage and basement floors. Epoxy paint can look very nice but often is not a long-lasting coating on concrete especially in high traffic areas.

New Products...

Thu, 09/08/2016 - 14:45 -- Tabitha Jordan

For those that have been keeping an eye on our page for improvments and new products--- We have added a handful of new items.  

We have brougth back our RTV #500 Silicone Clear and the RTV #500 High Temp Red Silicone-- as we work out the kinks with the freight cost the site is giving us, please bear with us-- We can either reimburse the overcharge or please just call us at 630.231.5600 or email to place an order directly.

Thank you for your patience as we grow and improve here at Polygem.

Next Improvement...

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 15:50 -- Tabitha Jordan

We have some more exciting news coming from Polygem, we have added another mirror/sattelite site, -- it is for our customer's who want to just focus on our  Polygem Flooring Epoxy's.   We are also continuing the face-lift on our as well- you can still order products, ask us questions, and use our sites as normal-- they just may be different the next time your back! Thank you for understanding and hope you enjoy all the new and exciting things that are continueing to happen at Polygem....