#307 FR LITE - New E84 Class-A Fire Rating Test Report

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 13:19 -- Polygem

We are pleased to present a new test report from QAI Laboratories that reveals our NEW and IMPROVED #307 FR LITE is not only a Class A Fire Rated material but that it now offers  50% LESS flame spread than our original #307 FR LITE formula.  To achieve a Class A rating, the tested material cannot have over 25 feet of flame spread and the original #307 FR LITE had a 20 foot flame spread and the NEW and IMPROVED #307 FR LITE has an 10 foot flame spread!  Our commitment to improving and providing the best products in the industry is why Polygem ZOOPOXIES are the sculpting products trusted by Zoo's, Aquariums, Museums,  Amusement and Entertainments facilites worldwide.   See the results of the new test report here.... /sites/default/files/files/%23307%20FR%20LITE-E84-CLASS-A-FIRE-RATING-TEST-REPORT(1).pdf