Mon, 08/07/2017 - 14:47 -- Tabitha Jordan

We have a customer that is famous in the aquarium “tank” world for their crazy, over-the-top antics on their top rated cable TV show on a network we cannot name since we do not have permission to use their names but it is a popular cable network that has programming that focuses on all types of “animals” you will encounter on our "planet".  Needless to say the stars of the show were originally from New York and they have not seemed to be able to pronounce “polygem” as on the show they are calling out for “more Polygen!”  “We are out!  Order more Polygen!”

Potato, potahtoh, tomato, tomahtoh!  Polygem, Polygen.   We even see visitors to our website searching for “polygen” and I am pleased to confirm that the Polygen they are calling out for is our Polygem #307 Lite sculpting epoxy that is ideal for creating corals or other sculptural items that will be submerged in both fresh water and salt water aquariums. 

And just to clarify our “Polygen” is not the polygen in the medical world


1. An element that has more than one valency and that can form more than one series of compounds.

2. An antigen that will cause the formation of two or more specific antibodies.

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