Going for the Checkered Flag...

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 07:59 -- Tabitha Jordan

Apparently Polygem’s support of racing also has indirect ties to sponsorship of Indy cars too:

2 years ago, Polygem started to sponsor Logan Smith and his racing team Hammerdown Racing in his quest to win races in the Midwest cart series which he did do in 2016.   In 1998 Polygem acquired the rights and epoxy formulations for the company Sinmast of America dba Specialty Compounds of NW Indiana.  I wanted to (and will) write a blog article chronicling the history of Sinmast of America as it is a very interesting one at that.  So doing a Google search on Sinmast, I came across pictures and (https://www.newspapers.com/clip/5151231/sinmast_to_sponsor_patrick_racing/) newspaper articles  that show that the owners of Sinmast were apparently big Indy car race fans so much so that they sponsored Indy race cars called the Sinmast Wildcats MK specially build for the Eagle Racing Team.  Here is a picture of a signed picture of Gordon Johncock with the Sinmast logo on the front of the race car. 

 As I mentioned earlier here I will be writing a blog article on the history of Sinmast Epoxies and until then….good racing!