Thu, 10/12/2017 - 10:57 -- Tabitha Jordan

The day is here and our Polygem Flooring website is LIVE! This is a huge step in bringing a new level of Epoxy Flooring to market.  We could not be more proud of April and all the work she has done to bring this "NEW" division of Polygem to life! 

This website is mobile, tablet friendly so you can show customers and clients on the job the real life medias we will offer in house, along with our custom blends and standard house colors! 

We are in final stages of having "in-life" hard sample kits for Contractors to purchase to show customers on the job.  


--Chats with Polygem Flooring Director:

April Vanae Smith- 630.231.5600- april@polygem.com

As the reveal of our new website www.polygemflooring.com it only seemed fitting to take a moment and ask April what she feels are the expectations and thrills of Epoxy Flooring. 

Q: What is your ultimate goal with Polygem’s Flooring Division?

A: “To provide superior flooring products and service to our growing clientele- above and beyond industry standards (under promise/overdeliver).”


Q:  What makes your love for Flooring Epoxy?

A: “The creativity of creating and/or bettering flooring, resin formulas and decorative to industrial systems.  Thurley enjoying the relationships with flooring contractors and sharing my knowledge of the industry and learning new tricks of the trade.”


Q: How long have you been in the Flooring Industry?

A: “I was born into it: my father and brother were master formulators of resin systems.  My brother was one of the best teachers in the industry.  I worked for them before I married and had children, I raised my kids then returned in 1999 to re-invent my career.


Q: What is your advice to past, present and future Flooring Customers?

A: “Past: Come check out Polygem for the ‘old school’ customer service and superior quality of products, that you many will remember from Bill Dimmicks polymer career.  We work by the same standards and values or honesty and integrity. 

Present: Keep up the good work, take a chance to learn a new polymer system to expand your polymer portfolio.

Future: The Flooring business can be extremely competitive, but with patience and integrity you can become a master of your trade.  Word-of-mouth is a major factor in this business, when you take care and time to complete a superior final system, you will grow and make a great name for yourself for your quality and professionalism.  People will search you out instead of you constantly trying to find work.  Always perform the job as if it was your home.”


Please contact April directly for any of your Polygem Epoxy Flooring needs.