Celebrating a Milestone

Wed, 12/20/2017 - 14:22 -- Tabitha Jordan

20th Anniversary of Sinmast with Polygem

Since joining the Polygem team in 2014 my head never stops spinning with new information on the daily.  It was recently brought to my attention that we are hitting a huge milestone at Polygem in the Epoxy Industry.  We are celebrating our 20th year of inheriting the Sinmast Epoxy product line..  I could write a book on the History of Sinmast and how it became apart of Polygem, that’s a story for a different day. 

Sinmast Epoxy Systems are a huge part of Polygem’s Epoxy World, the possibilities are endless.  Sinmast is industrial epoxy specially formulated for construction, repair, and preservation of concrete and masonry structures.  Sinmast can be used for epoxy pressure injections, bonding adhesives, roadway and bridge repair, expansion joints and caulking. 

We have over 35 Sinmast Formulas that are available.  Our most popular and versatile Sinmast is the Sinmast #4, which is offered in a Regular cure and Rapid version as well.  Sinmast #4 is a versatile epoxy mortar and group binding system that is used to rehab and preserve concrete structures.  Sinmast #4 can be effectively applied in colder temperatures.  It also has amazing resistance to chemicals, excellent abrasion resistant and non skid properties. 

There is an “underdog” of the Sinmast Pack, Sinmast 501, I believe this Epoxy will take off like a rocket once people know how FLEXIBLE this product is!  If can be used as a flexible joint filler, sculpting epoxy or a flexible membrane!  Who knew this two -component epoxy has such outstanding features- firm support in saw cuts with heavy forklift and vehicular loads.  It comes in white, grey, and black!

All of the Sinmast products that Polygem offers, come in various sizes and waiting to get in the hands of your Industrial needs.  If Sinmast has you curious to try please call us directly at 630.231.5600, email tabitha@polygem.com, or head to our website www.polygem.com and reach out.  

Restoring the past. preserving the present. restoring the future.