A Letter from Jay Schmid in regards to Business during COVID-19 outbreaks..

Tue, 03/10/2020 - 14:38 -- Tabitha Jordan

A message to all our customers from Jay Schmid – President of Polygem, Inc.

As a manufacturer, in many ways we are dependent on our suppliers in a similar way that our customers depend on us to fulfill their orders.  In light of the new Coronavirus now circulating around the world, the potential for impacts on our ability to procure materials and produce product is very real. 

The world watched with great attention the struggles that China recently has had and still are dealing with when the outbreak of the novel Covid-19 virus started.  The effect to their own economy and ability to conduct business was both sudden and profound and resulted in their direct ability to produce product.  Most of this impact was a direct result of both Government directed quarantines and of course their workers becoming ill and unable to go back to work again as they honored the quarantine restrictions in place.

Most of our suppliers in China have already restarted their business activities. Nevertheless, strict regulations by local authorities are still in place and the result is a slow start-up. As their production facilities were out of operation for several weeks, their total manufacturing capacities are only at 50% of their usual output. Today we have a clearer picture about the impact on other suppliers located outside China. Like us many of them depend on Chinese sub-suppliers. We were informed that many components can experience delivery delays of up to 8 weeks.

I can personally attest that Polygem does not rely on materials directly produced in China or overseas and a recent phone survey of our suppliers did not identify any supplier that sole sources ingredients from China as well.  On that note, Polygem is prepared to produce products as always and have great confidence in our suppliers to be able to produce what we need as well.  I am a firm believer in being prepared and with that I wanted to also let you know I have proactively secured additional inventory already in house that we may need in the event of additional slowdowns that could affect us in ways not yet identified. 

The virus has been out in circulation now for over 2 months and the pattern for it’s spread and impact it may have is still new enough that there remains the possibility for surprises.  I love surprises but not in business and the heart of the reason I am writing this letter.  I want to convey to our customers that we have taken every step and more to ensure that not only we are able to continue to operate, but also take additional steps to insure the health and safety of our employees and their families. 

I fully expect it will be business as usual for Polygem and its customers and we will do our very best to get your orders to you in the timely fashion as you have come to expect.  As always, we value our customers and wish you to stay healthy and productive as we navigate our way through the next few months.  If the situation changes, we will inform you as soon as that information is at hand.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Jay Schmid - President