#1605 Epoxy - Anchoring Adhesive - 22 oz. Dual Cartridge

Epoxy Chemical Anchoring Adhesive - 22 oz. Dual Cartridge
SKU: 1605 22 oz.
Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 9 in × 5 in × 5 in
Product Description: 

 #1605 is a 100% solids non-sag gel viscosity epoxy specially formulated for use as fast-setting cold-weather chemical anchor adhesive.   #1605 will bond to concrete, wood, fiberglass and metal surfaces.   #1605 is moisture insensitive and resistant to most chemicals and solvents.   #1605 will also set-up underwater for underwater anchoring applications.  (Dual Dispensing Gun Required)


  •  Fast- Setting 
  •  Water- Resistant
  •  No VOC's or solvants
  •  Easy Mixing 


  • Dowel bar or threaded rod anchoring
  • Hollow block sleeve anchoring
  • Verticle or overhead application
  • Crack repair
  • Epoxy mortar or cracks
Application Instructions: 

#1605 can be applied by dual-cartridge or bulk applicators.

  1. Clean anchor hole by wire brushing the sides of the hole and vacuuming or blowing loose material from the hole
  2. Follow dispensing instructions for the cartridge or bulk dispensing machine
  3. Start filling the hole from the back towards the surface of the hole
  4. Dispense enough material that there is a small amount of overflow when anchor is fully inserted
  5. Rule of thumb is anchor hole is to be a minimum of 9x’s deep as the anchor diameter

22 oz. Dual Cartridges, 2 Gallon, 10 Gallon and 100 Gallon Kits.

Technical Data: 

**See Data Sheet

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