2089 Fast Set - 3 Gallon Kit - Epoxy Coating

Fast-Set Epoxy Base Coating
SKU: 2089PG - 3GA
Weight: 27 lb
Dimensions: 10 in × 10 in × 18 in
Product Description: 

 2089FS is a fast-curing, epoxy resin specially formulated for use as a base-coat in quartz broadcast seamless flooring applications which will allow for a double broadcast or top-coating in a little as 2 hours.   2089FS is an easy to mix 2 to 1 by volume ratio and it’s low viscosity allows for easy to spread thin-coat applications. 2089FS is ideal for small areas or areas of critical service that demand a prompt return to service.   2089FS is resistant to most chemicals and solvents.   2089FS is non-blushing and the resin system of choice for cool/humid floors.  The  2089FS when mixed with clean dry silica sand, is also ideal for use as an epoxy mortar or grout for fast-track repairs and even cold weather applications.

Application Instructions: 
  1. Surface should be prepared by using conventional cleaning methods such as shot blasting, acid etching, disc grinding, sandbtasting or power washing. The surface to be covered should be free of loose materials, paints, sealants or oils. Use #20 solvent to remove oils and dirt.
  2. Blend 2 parts A (Resin) to 1 part B (Hardener) by volume. Mix with low speed drill until uniform color appears. DO NOT ADD SOLVENTS!
  3. Apply to prepared surf ace with brush, short nap rollr, squeegee or airless sprayer. Maintain temperature of material above 50° F. Do not apply to wet/damp floors. Do not apply in humid conditions.
  4. Allow 24 hours @ 75° F for light foot traffic. Allow 48 hours for machine traffic.


Available in 1.5 Quart kits, 1.5 Gallon Kits, 15 Gallon Kits and 150 Gallon Drum Kits.

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