307 FR Lite Fire Retardant Sculpting Epoxy Putty

Class 1 Fire Retardant Sculpting Epoxy Putty
Weight: 7 lb
Dimensions: 9 in × 5 in × 5 in
Product Description: 

307 FR-LITE is a 100% solids class 1 Fire Rated, light-weight epoxy system specially formulated to a trowelable paste consistency for sculpturing and fabricating projects.  307 FR-LITE will cure into an extremely strong and light-weight plastic that is easily sanded or shaped. 307 FR-LITE can be tinted or painted and will even accept stains.  307 FR-LITE bonds well to most surfaces including fiberglass, foams, metal, wood and concrete.  307 FR-LITE is solvent free so it won’t melt or dissolve foam surfaces.

307 FR-LITE can be used as a sculpturing or texturing veneer over other surfaces and is thick enough for immediate embossing upon placement. Ideal for indoor or outdoor exhibit projects where strength and durability are desired. It can also be used as a patching compound to repair broken or damaged exhibits.  307 FR-LITE is the recommended formula for underwater applications. Typical applications include bonding various clean metals to wood, fiberglass, concrete, gunite and each other. 307 FR-LITE is a flexibilized system, therefore exhibiting excellent shock and impact resistance.  It is used to fabricate artificial trees, roots and rocks in natural habitats.  307 FR-LITE can be used indoors or outdoors and has excellent resistance to animal urine. 307-M has been specially formulated for overhead applications. It is a thicker version of #307 and retains similar properties. 307 FR-LITE can be pigmented using epoxy pigments or dry pigments. The cured products may also be coated with epoxy or latex paints.  307 FR-LITE can be additionally  thickened using our  Thickening Agent.

  • 25% lighter formula
  • NO solvents
  • Non-toxic
  • Sandable
  • Paintable
  • Pigmentable
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Cleans up with Water


Application Instructions: 

Thoroughly mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B by volume until streak free.  Wearing protective gloves, trowel or spread the 307 FR LITE and immediately texture, emboss or finish as desired.  Small amounts of water may be used to help prevent the 307 FR LITE from sticking to the gloves.  The optional Thickening Agent can be used to thicken the mixture to desired consistency for sculpting, stamping and texturing.  Do not apply 307 FR LITE when ambient temperatures or surface temperatures are below 50 F.


2 Quart Kits, 2 Gallon Kits, 10 Gallon Kits and Drum Kits.

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