M300XL Dispensing Tool

300 ML Dual Component Multi Ratio Dispensing Tool
Weight: 8 lb
Dimensions: 15 in × 10 in × 5 in
Product Description: 

Product Type: Dual Component
Application: Two-Part Cartridge
Capacity: 300 ml.

  • 300ml. x 300ml. (Pre-configured Arrangement)
  • 300ml. x 150ml. (Kit Included)
  • 300ml. x 75ml. (Kit Included)
  • 200ml. x 100ml. (Kit Available)


  • Mechanical Advantage 26:1
  • Support Discs - Secure and Accurate Cartridge Fit
  • Single Side Rails / Steel Plungers – Lighter Weight
  • Wear Compensating Device
  • Case Hardened Cast Steel Catch Plate
  • High Viscosity Materials
  • All Component Replaceable Parts


Product Category: 

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