SKU: Gemrock
Weight: 10 lb
Dimensions: 14 in × 8.5 in × 7 in
Product Description: 

GemRock is an extremely strong and durable epoxy bonding agent with specially formulated resins and hardeners for stone and aggregate for overlay applications.  GemRock exhibits superior adhesion to most surfaces such as concrete, metal, wood and fiberglass and has excellent moisture, thermal shock and impact resistance.  GemRock is a special crystal clear formula that enhances the natural beauty of light stone or aggregate and is ideal as a seal coat for maintenance and touch up applications.

GemRock is 100% solids epoxy and is available in regular set and fast-set cold weather formulas.  GemRock is ideal for use as a primer coat or glaze coat for overlay applications.



Application Instructions: 


  1. Surface to be sealed should be clean and free of dirt, oils, loose materials and do not apply sealant to surfaces below 50° F.
  2. Mix two parts of A with one part B with a slow speed drill for three minutes and apply Gem-Rock by brush roller or spray as a primer to the area to be overlaid.
  3. Add up to 150 lbs of stone or aggregate per gallon of mixed epoxy and fully blend until stone or aggregate is uniformly coated.  Rake or screed mix to a minimum 1/4” depth and trowel smooth to desired finish.  Use #20 solvent as a trowel release agent.
  4. Allow 24 hour curing period prior to subjecting to traffic.


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