Granite Flex - Tile and Deck Adhesive Epoxy

Granite Flex Epoxy Tile and Deck Adhesive
SKU: Granite Flex
Weight: 76 lb
Product Description: 

Granite Flex Adhesive is a flexible version of the standard 307, specially formulated to provide up to 50% elongation in the cured epoxy.  The Granite Flex can allow for flexural movement and expansion or contraction of the substrate. The Granite Flex will also provide reliable adhesion to most surfaces just like the standard 307 formulation. 


  •  Excellent Adhesion to most surfaces        
  •  No VOC’s or Solvents
  •  Tough and Durable Surface
  •  Chemical and Solvent Resistant
  •  Water Clean-up Formulation


  • Ceramic Tile Adhesive
  • All Purpose Bonding
  • Crack & Joint repair
Application Instructions: 
  1. Surfaces to be sealed should be clean of dirt, oils, surface water and loose paint or coatings.
  2. Prepare and clean surface by grinding or sanding to provide clean and open surface.
  3. Thoroughly mix measured amounts of 1 part of Part-A Resin with 1 part of Part-B Hardener by volume until streak free.
  4.  Scrape side and bottom of pail frequently during mixing to insure a good mix.
  5. Mix only enough that can be applied in 45 minutes. 
  6. Spread mixed epoxy with trowel. 
  7. Use a cloth or sponge dampened with water to smooth epoxy surface. 
  8. Clean up any un-cured epoxy with warm soapy water or solvent.

6 gallon kits

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