Fast-Track 500

Fast-Track 500 Fast-Set Floor and Roadway Patching Mortar
SKU: FastTrack500
Weight: 10 lb
Dimensions: 12 in × 8 in × 7 in
Product Description: 
FAST-TRACK 500 is a specially formulated fast-setting patching system consisting of a high-strength polymer liquid formula that is combined with select graded aggregate to produce an extremely strong bonding, stress and impact resistant polymer grout. FAST-TRACK 500 was originally developed as an emergency patch kit to patch asphalt race tracks during races. The FAST-TRACK 500 sets and cures very quickly allowing the race to resume in 15 minutes. FAST-TRACK 500 sets in less than 10 minutes and rapidly gains strength to allow for repairs to be opened for service in as little as 15 minutes. FAST-TRACK 500 is formulated for patching of pavements, machinery bases, equipment anchoring, and concrete structure repairs where durability, impact and vibration resistance is desired. FAST-TRACK 500 is also ideal for cold temperature repairs in refrigerated warehouses and freezers. FAST-TRACK 500 is a 100% solids system that will not shrink upon cure and will absorb kinetic forces better than cement based grouts. FAST-TRACK 500 is available in 10 pound pre-measured kits that contains high-strength liquid resin and specially graded aggregate in conveniently contained in a plastic pail that is used to mix the system at time of application. Yield is approximately 100 cubic inches or ½ gallon of mixed mortar and finished color is asphalt black. Advantages • Fast-setting, hardens in as little as 15 minutes. • Bonds to most dry surfaces • Easy to mix and apply Uses For the patching and repair of spalled concrete or asphalt surfaces that require immediate return to service. FAST-TRACK 500 is also excellent for patching cold surfaces such as refrigerated warehouses. FAST-TRACK 500 is ideal for use on: • Race tracks • Garage ramps • Roads and highways • Heavy traffic areas • Parking Lots • Refrigerated environments • Loading Docks • Machinery Bases
Application Instructions: 
MIXING AND APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Surface to be repaired shall be dry and free of oils, dirt, coatings or other contaminants. Eliminate any feather-edges by saw cutting or chipping a minimum ¾” deep square edge. 2. Stir the aggregate to dry mix the ingredients. Open small can of resin and pour entire contents into pail with aggregate. Mix for two minutes to evenly coat all the aggregate. Do not over mix! 3. Pour out mixed material directly onto area to be repaired. Evenly spread mortar with trowel or screed board. Finish mortar smooth by vigorous tamping with screed board or trowel.
10 lb. Kits that yield approximately 100 cubic inches of mixed mortar.
Technical Data: 
Performance Properties Test/Test Method Results Compressive Strength 9,400 psi (min) Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 3,650 psi (min) Tensile Elongation D-638 6.3% Pot-Life (100 gram mass) 8 mins @ 77F Cure (100 gram mass) 15 minutes @ 77F Mixing Ratio 1 Part Resin to 6.52 Parts of Aggregate Color Black Shelf Life 6 months

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