Polyfoam LV - 22 oz. Dual Cartridge - Polyurethane Grout

Hydrophobic Dual Component Polyurethane Grout with 1/4" Mixer and 1/2" Retaining Nut
SKU: Polyfoam LV - 22oz.
Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 9 in × 5 in × 5 in
Product Description: 

POLYFOAM-LV is an innovative blend of hydrophobic polyurethane resins designed to provide the ultimate solution for crack repair and void grouting applications. In contact with water, POLYFOAM-LV will expand up to 10 times its original volume creating a permanent, flexible and water-tight seal.  POLYFOAM-LV eliminates the need for costly equipment and messy cleanups. POLYFOAM-LV is packaged in dual 22 oz. cartridges that easily dispensed in most standard dual cartridges dispensers.


  •  Flexible foam seal
  •  10 times original volume expansion
  •  No expensive dispensing equipment needed
  •  Convenient dual-cartridge system
  •  Bonds to most wet or dry surfaces


  • Foundation Cracks
  • Fill voids and Rock Pockets
  • Pipe Penetrations
  • Concrete Tie Holes
  • Pre-Cast Section Seams
  • Floor/Wall Joints
Application Instructions: 
  1. Prepare crack by setting injection ports and sealing crack with a fast-setting paste epoxy.
  2. Place static mixer on end of cartridge and secure with retaining nut.   Pre-dispense small amount of resin and discard to ensure proper mixing and ratio.
  3. Put cartridge in dispensing gun and place static mixer tip into injection port. 
  4. Slowly dispense resin into injection port using low pressure to ensure maximum foam development.  Allow resin/foam to rise into adjacent or next higher port.  Cap filled port and repeat dispensing procedure into the next port until all injection ports are filled. 
  5. Remove static mixer and re-seal cartridge “D” plugs to preserve any unused resin.

Consult Polygem for additional technical instructions for crack repair specifications.


POLYFOAM-LV is available in10 oz single cartridges,  dual 22oz  caulk tubes and also in one gallon, and 5 gallon pails.

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